The Millennials

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‘You think you are entitled to everything.’
‘You are too ambitious.’
‘You need to go in at the bottom and work your way up.’
‘Being so young, you don’t understand how it works.’
‘Go and get experience and then come back.’
‘It will never work, we tried it ages ago.’

Do these sound familiar? If you are a millennial, they probably do. You have heard these, or similar, on numerous occasions throughout your business career.

When I became the youngest manager within Further Education at 21, when I became an Executive Director of a multi-million pound business, all these were said to my face, behind my back, or in whispered voices along corridors. Running my own businesses has been no different, as though age were the primary indicator of success. Whether I ran someone else’s business or my own, it felt like a continual battle to ‘prove’ my worth, and that was draining. I wondered whether I was cut out for it all.

Are you working longer hours than you wanted to? Are you asking yourself whether it was all worth it?

The work that you are doing matters even in spite of the long hours, the relentless push, the continual meetings with people who want you to slow down and ‘know your place’. Why? Because like me, you believe in the power of the millennial generation to make real and profound change.

There are almost 17 million millennials in the UK: you are going to be the majority of the leaders and entrepreneurs that will drive the UK economy on, and you will be the biggest consumer market within the UK within a matter of years. You matter.

Profit, people, planet – you believe in these things and that’s why you are working hard to make an impact. Impact only happens when people like you and I decide to make a difference.

At no point did I have another millennial to act as my coach and support me. I vowed that I would never allow that to happen to anyone else. So, if you want to grow a successful business that has real impact, I’d love to hear from you.


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