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Sean Purcell


Sean is an award-winning trainer, entrepreneur, and expert in the field of millennial leadership and entrepreneurship. He works closely with millennial entrepreneurs who want to make more profit, gain more time, and create empowered, effective teams; and also works with millennials who want to progress their career in to positions of leadership but are unsure how. He is also currently writing a book on this topic which is due for publication in late 2018.

Sean regularly gives talks and seminars aimed at those who want to take the next steps to transform their businesses and change their lives, and brings to these events his experiences working with both SMEs and multi-million pound businesses, as well as public and not for profit organisations. He has worked in a range of industries and has been a coach, senior leader, or director in businesses with combined annual revenues of £100 million.

Sean is an active community leader and has worked on projects within Essex that have helped improve the life and career chances of hundreds of young people.

When not coaching or training, Sean can be found running around the Essex countryside preparing for half-marathon and marathon races.


Sean is an inspiring leader - despite there being a number of middle/senior managers in my reporting line to Sean, he always took the time to ensure I was realising my full potential in my role, and that both the business and I were clear on my direction in my career.

Sean enabled me to achieve more than my experience or my age suggested I could achieve, and those factors stopped being barriers to my progression - I started to focus more on what I could achieve based on ability and determination.


It was a pleasure to work with Sean - a strong, motivational and dynamic leader who gave me the opportunity and confidence to develop within a fast paced and demanding role.

Sean has been an inspiration, giving time to people that have hidden potential.


Everyone knows a good leader that knows the way, but can they show you the way and develop your own style? Sean Purcell did this for me. I attended his Leadership course where he helped me to identify my strengths, build on my skills and coached me to be a confident leader.

His style is firm, his delivery is precise, he doesn't take prisoners and he inspires everyone in the room to have a dream that they can turn into a reality. I would highly recommend him, as I know what I came away with will influence me forever.


Inspirational, creative and energetic are just three of the many words I would use to describe Sean. I had the pleasure of working with Sean for five years and during that time I found him to be an insightful coach as well as an innovative leader. Sean's relaxed, friendly and approachable nature made him easy to work with and I would highly recommend Sean to anyone.


I undertook a work based course in leadership and Sean was our teacher. I've been on a lot of training sessions in various roles and industries and Sean's course was far and away the best training I've ever had.

Sean brought the content to life and enabled me to reflect on my own development and I can remember leaving the course inspired to make so many changes. He kept us on our toes and held my attention constantly for two and a half days (which incidentally hasn't happened a lot before or since!)

If you get the opportunity to go on one of Sean's courses, do it!


Sean is a fantastic role model dedicated to developing those junior to him. An excellent listener and communicator with a passion for mentorship and coaching, as well as having a healthy sense of humour!


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